Top-Notch Wakayama Ramen


A trip to Wakayama is not complete without a bowl of the region's renowned ramen noodles, each distinguished by its soup. Each restaurant has its own unique recipe, but it is usually a pork broth flavoured with soy sauce (tonkotsu shoyu). If you want to order Wakayama ramen like a local, ask for 'chuka soba'.

For almost 65 years, Ideshoten has attracted ramen lovers from near and far. What draws the crowds is the restaurant’s distinctive tonkotsu (pork) soy sauce broth, unchanged over the years. Expect to stand in line to be seated on weekends and holidays.

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Another well-established ramen restaurant, Yamatame is known for its medium-thick noodles served in a rich, flavoursome tonkotsu (pork) broth. The dish is topped with thickly-sliced barbecued pork. A local canteen-style restaurant, the menu also includes udon noodles and other Japanese favourites.

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A must for ramen fans in search of a simple yet authentic Wakayama ramen experience, this restaurant serves no frills tonkotsu (pork) soy sauce noodles prepared following a recipe that dates back 55 years to the eatery's opening. A side dish of gyoza or oden goes really well with ramen.

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Marui's trademark is this ramen dish (¥750) topped generously with chopped negi (scallions). The noodles entwine with the crisp chopped negi, emphasizing the umami-rich tonkotsu (pork) soy sauce broth in which they are served. Other options include spicy ramen and a range of small side dishes such as gyoza, (Chinese dumplings).

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Wakayama Ramen

696 No, Arida City

Receiving rave reviews on one of Japan's foodie sites, Seino attracts both locals and visitors alike. They come for the thick, almost creamy tonkotsu (pork) soy sauce broth and handmade noodles. You can also choose from lighter broths and other ramen variations.

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