The Country's Finest Fruit Fresh from the Tree


Wakayama is known throughout Japan for its abundance of fruits and is often referred to as 'The Fruit Kingdom'. You can purchase the best fruits from farm shops around the region, but for the freshest of the fresh, visit a farm to pick it ripe from the tree yourself.

The Arida region's mandarin oranges, or mikan as they are called in Japanese, are known for being some of the nation's tastiest. Between October and December, when mikan are in season, you can pick and eat them fresh from the tree at Kuriyama Farm.

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The Arida area is famed for its mandarin oranges, but this fruit farm specialises in blueberries, with about 1200 blueberry bushes of 13 different varieties. In June and July you can pick your own for a small fee.

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Operated by the Kimiidera Garden Hotel Hayashi, this farm grows mandarin oranges. Between October and December when the fruit is in season, you can visit and pick your own oranges. The hotel also offers packages to non-staying guests that include fruit picking, lunch and use of the hotel hot spring.

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