Seafood at Its Freshest


The temperate waters off the coast of Wakayama are a treasure trove of marine delicacies and supply the region's restaurants with the freshest fare. Even in the city, you can sample seafood caught just that morning. Check out this selection of Wakayama City's best seafood restaurants, and don't leave without trying sashimi, (raw fish).

Ginpei Honten

Otsukuri Gozen

Originating in Wakayama, Ginpei now has 11 branches nationwide and two overseas. An excellent lunch option is the Otsukuri Gozen set meal, which includes sashimi, or raw fish. The fish is fresh and procured daily from nearby Arida. Ginpei is also open for dinner.

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Washoku Yossan

Yokubari Teishoku

This quaint Japanese restaurant serves locally grown produce and freshly caught fish, on carefully selected tableware. A favourite is the Yokubari Teishoku set, which includes raw fish, tempura, salad, soup and several other small side dishes.

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Sakana Ryori Rokkon Wakayamaten

Daily Lunch Special

Located close to Wakayama Station, this popular eatery is set in an old townhouse dating back more than 150 years. It is an excellent place to sample seasonal seafood fare from the region. The daily lunch special is just ¥1100 and includes raw fish, tempura, soup, pickles and other small dishes. To order it, ask for the 'higawari lunch'.

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Each morning the owner of this restaurant visits the fish auction at Minoshima harbour to procure the freshest seafood. This is served together with produce sourced directly from local farms. An excellent way to sample a variety of dishes is to order the Shunkai Gozen set, available at lunchtime only.

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A short walk from JR Wakayama Station, Ajidokoro Mihanami is a traditional Japanese style restaurant serving locally sourced seafood and other regional delicacies. Order the Wasaisai set and enjoy eight different dishes including raw fish, tempura and a small hot pot.

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