A Bite of Wakayama's Best Burgers


There are some days when you just want a burger. You can find these and other more familiar items on menus across Wakayama, but for a burger with a touch of local flavour, try one of these top-ranking creations. Whether it's a salty sweet Nanko Ume plum or briny fresh whitebait caught in Yuasa, each features specialty ingredients from the area.

Mori no Sato Miruriina

Kumanogyu Yakiniku Burger

If you're in the Kumano Hongu area, don't miss out on this Wagyu burger using Wakayama's local brand of beef, Kumanogyu. The beef is thinly sliced and fried in garlic and soy sauce. Sandwiched in a burger bun, the end result is somewhat similar to a pulled pork sandwich.

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A steal at just ¥300, this tuna cutlet burger (maguro burger) is the creation of experienced chef, Mr. Ohashi. The tuna used is local brand tuna from nearby Nachi-Katsuura. Bread crumbed and fried to order, it is served piping hot. From the restaurant, you can take in the view of the Pacific ocean.

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Pan Kobo Kawa

Kishu Ume Burger

Locally farmed chicken, Nanko Ume plums and tartar sauce are brought together to create this unique burger, which has picked up awards in a national burger competition. Taste it for yourself at renowned Yuasa bakery Pan Kobo Kawa.

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Cafe & Bakery Olive

Whitebait Burger

This relaxed cafe offers an interesting take on a fish burger, with a patty made from ground whitebait, or 'shirasu' in Japanese. The patty is sandwiched between rye buns and topped with a citrus flavoured radish sauce. If that doesn't take your fancy, try one of the freshly made pizzas.

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Ichimaiiwa Rokumeikan

Venison Burger

For fans of game, this venison burger is a must. The meat comes from locally reared deer. It is served with a savoury sauce made from a blueberry wine reduction and topped with a citrus pepper flavoured mayonnaise. To order it, ask for the 'Gibier Burger'.

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