Kyoto University Shirahama Aquarium


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First opened in 1930, this venerable aquarium established by Kyoto University has the usual collections of sea life, but is renowned for its large collection of marine invertebrates, with over 500 examples, ranging from starfish and sea urchins to crabs, lobsters and rare nemertea, collected from the seas around Shirahama.

459 Shirahama Town


Name/address in local language

  • 京都大学白浜水族館 Kyoto University Shirahama Aquarium
  • Address 西牟婁郡白浜町459 459 Shirahama Town
  • Name/address in local language
Open Hours 9:00 - 17:00
Admission Adults: ¥600
Children: ¥200

*Group discounts available
Last updated: 2021-02-02

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