Minakata Kumagusu Archives


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Minakata Kumagusu Archives is a modern facility built next door to the former home of Minakata Kumagusu, a Wakayama-born biologist and naturalist. Much of his work and research materials are stored here and open to the public.

36 Nakayashiki-machi, Tanabe City


Name/address in local language

  • 南方熊楠顕彰館(南方熊楠邸) Minakata Kumagusu Archives
  • Address 田辺市中屋敷町36 36 Nakayashiki-machi, Tanabe City
  • Name/address in local language
Open Hours 10:00 - 17:00
Holidays Mondays
New Year holidays

*exceptions apply
Admission Adults: ¥470
Children: ¥200

*Student and group discounts available
Tel +81-(0)739-26-9909
Email minakata@mb.aikis.or.jp
Last updated: 2021-02-02

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