Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine


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Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine is one of the Kumano Sanzan and is a holy place that has been visited by many people since the Heian period. The beautiful main shrine buildings with a cypress bark roof create a solemn atmosphere. Until 1889, when there was a severe flood, these shrine buildings were located at Oyunohara, which is home to an impressive torii gate that is the largest in Japan.

1110 Hongu, Hongu Town


Access Ride the Ryujin Bus from JR Kii-Tanabe Station and get off at "Hongu Taisha-mae"
Access by Car From the Nanki-Tanabe Interchange on the Hanwa Expressway, take National Route 42, 311 towards Hongu for approximately 56.4 km.

Name/address in local language

  • 熊野本宮大社 Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine
  • Address 田辺市本宮町本宮1110 1110 Hongu, Hongu Town
  • Name/address in local language
Contact Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine
Tel +81-(0)735-42-0009
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