Kodo Aruki-no-sato Chikatsuyu

古道歩きの里 ちかつゆ

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This restaurant has a vast menu that uses local ingredients, including foods such as mehari zushi (sushi wrapped in leaf mustard) and Kumano Beef. A wide range of souvenirs is also available.

1810-1 Chikatsuyu, Nakahechi-cho, Tanabe City


Access Ride the Ryujin Bus from JR Kii-Tanabe Station and get off at "Kakidaira"
Access by Car From the Nanki-Tanabe Interchange on the Hanwa Expressway, take National Route 42, 311 towards Hongu for approximately 35 km.

Name/address in local language

  • 古道歩きの里 ちかつゆ Kodo Aruki-no-sato Chikatsuyu
  • Address 田辺市中辺路町近露1810-1 1810-1 Chikatsuyu, Nakahechi-cho, Tanabe City
  • Name/address in local language
Open Hours 09:00 - 18:00
Holidays Open all year
Last updated: 2021-02-02

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