The southernmost fire festival in Honshu


Late January

Honshu’s southernmost “lawn burning” takes place at the Observation Tower Lawn, an approximately 100,000 square meter lawn plaza at Shionomisaki Cape in Kushimoto Town. Members of Japanese archery clubs at local high schools shoot a series of lit arrows high into the air, setting the lawn on fire. The dusk highlights the flames, creating mystical scenery that is accompanied by performances of traditional taiko drums.

Observation Tower Lawn, Shiono-misaki Cape, Kushimoto Town

Access At JR Kushimoto Station, take the Kumano Kotsu Bus bound for Shionomisaki Cape and get off at "Tower-mae"

Name/address in local language

  • 串本本州最南端の火祭り The southernmost fire festival in Honshu
  • Name/address in local language
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