Dolphin Swimming (Dolphin Resort)

ドルフィンスイム (Dolphin Resort)


Dolphins are playful by nature. Stroke them, swim with them—how you play with them is up to you. Staff join you in the water, so it's not a problem if you are bringing young children or can't swim very well.

Dolphin Resort

Access by Car 7 km (10 minutes by car) from JR Kiikatsuura Station
Parking Facilities Cars: 20 spaces
Buses: 5 spaces

Name/address in local language

  • ドルフィンスイム (Dolphin Resort) Dolphin Swimming (Dolphin Resort)
  • Name/address in local language
Open Hours 09:00 - 17:00
Admission Adults (junior-high-school age and above): ¥10,300
Children: ¥8,200
Age Accepted for Entry 5 years and over
Duration 45 minutes (approx.)
Reservation Necessary (must be made by the day before)
Remarks Swimwear, bath towel
Contact Dolphin Resort
Tel +81-(0)735-59-3952
Email toiawase@dolphinresort.jpc
Last updated: 2021-02-02