Nanki–Shirahama Airport

Nanki-Shirahama Airport is in the heart of Shirahama—a historical onsen resort and beach paradise. Once you have landed, board a bus and be on the white sands of Shirarahama Beach in ten minutes or at the expansive zoological park Adventure World in just five.

If you plan to travel to Wakayama directly from Tokyo, flying is the most convenient and time-efficient option. Wakayama is densely forested and mountainous, so you can avoid a long and windy train ride or car trip by choosing to board a flight from Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

Where is Haneda Airport?

Haneda Airport easily accessed from most Tokyo locations including Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku. Take the Yamanote Line—the circular line that loops the city—to Shinagawa or Hamamatsucho, and take the Keikyu Airport Line (Shinagawa) or Tokyo Monorail (Hamamatsucho) straight to the domestic terminal in around 15 minutes.

Best time to fly

Haneda Airport’s central location means you could potentially wake up early in a Tokyo hotel, board the 07:25 flight and be in Shirahama in time for breakfast. Alternatively, the late-afternoon flight at 16:25 is a good option for those who want to check straight into their hotel upon arrival, as most hotels’ check-in time starts from 15:00 or 16:00.

Tokyo Airport (Haneda) - Nanki-Shirahama Airport flight schedule

Booking domestic flights in Japan just got a lot easier and cheaper. Japan Airlines (JAL) offers the Explorer Pass to anyone who resides outside of Japan and holds an international air ticket to and from Japan. JAL offers reduced fares on any applicable routes within the country, including the flight down to Nanki-Shirahama from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Booking tickets is made very easy through the website, where the steps are clearly explained in English. As with booking any flight, be sure to read through the finer details and conditions and be aware that taxes apply to all flight fares.

Tokyo Airport (Haneda) - Nanki-Shirahama Airport flight schedule
Area Maps

Visit the spiritual complex of Koyasan and the Kumano Sanzan grand shrines. The Koyasan & Kumano Access Bus gives you unlimited rides between the spiritual sites.

Kumano Kodo Nakahechi Access Map

Koyasan & Kumano Access Bus
Area Maps

Renting a car in Shirahama gives you the freedom to travel around the area on your own schedule—ideal if you are travelling with a young family.

Nippon Rent-A-Car

ORIX Rent-A-Car

What routes do you recommend?

Spiritual Awakening via River, Bath and Cobblestone Path

Take your first steps to enlightenment along a section of the well-worn Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route. Enjoy a boat trip and hot springs along the way.

Feel Imperial—the Full Nakahechi Course

If you are an experienced hiker, consider taking on the challenge of the full Nakahechi Course—one of the World Heritage-designated Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes.

Drive Wakayama—from sparkling Shirahama

Rent a car and drive deep into the mountains or along the winding coastal roads. Explore Wakayama without having to rely on public transport.

The deep mountain course

Rent a bicycle and or bring your own and discover Wakayama's spiritual and natural sights on two wheels. Designated cycle routes range from beginner to professional.