The highlights of Shirahama course

Natural monuments, Wildlife Park, Food, Sunset


Rent a bicycle and pedal around Shirahama’s most impressive sights and attractions. Visit Adventure World to explore the large wildlife park and ride to the coast to see the cliffs and distinctive rocky outcrops. Dip your feet in the hot spring foot bath and get a table with an ocean view at Shirahama’s premier Italian restaurant.

Natural Monuments

Striking sculptures of natural art

Explore the caves of Sandanbeki, wander across the rock plateau of Senjojiki, and snap a photograph of the naturally formed arch of Engetsuto.


Wildlife Park

A world of animals and adventure

Spend time at Shirahama Adventure World—a large wildlife park home to a wide range of sea and land animals, and an amusement park.

Adventure World


Enjoy tasty local treats

Taste some homemade gelato, take home some locally produced olive oil, and feast on Italian fare overlooking the ocean.


A naturally framed sunset

Plan to arrive at Engetsuto just before the sun goes down to witness the sun framed in the natural arch of the rock.

Engetsuto island

Useful Information

JAL Japan Explorer Pass

Fly to Nanki-Shirahama airport to begin your exploration of Wakayama. Japan Airlines offers affordable domestic fares with the JAL Japan Explorer Pass. The easy-to-use English website makes booking flights very easy.

Nanki-Shirahama Airport

There are three direct flights a day from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Wakayama’s Nanki-Shirahama Airport. Booking flights is easy and flying into the area is a time-efficient and cost-effective option.

Rental Cycle Info & Tips
There are four rental shops in Shirahama. One can be found at Shirahama Station, while the other three are closer to the Shirahama coast. Research the location of bicycle rental shops in Shirahama to find the one most convenient for you. There are some Cycle Stations dotted around the Shirahama area. The stations have bicycle pumps, maintenance tools, and some have restrooms.

1 JR Shirahama Station

From centrally located Shirahama Station, visitors can access the area's main attractions, including Adventure World, Shirarahama Beach and the jagged cliffs of Sandanbeki. Explore the area by renting a bicycle from the shop at the station, or head to the coast by bus and the rental shops located there.

3 km ~

2 Adventure World

Adventure World is an expansive wildlife park, home to the mascots of Shirahama—the pandas. Many of the enclosures are free-roaming, meaning you can wander around with a diverse range of wildlife from flamingoes to toucans, to capybaras. The play zone has roller coasters and go-karts for children, and the Safari World section can be explored on foot, by sightseeing train or by rental jeep.

5 km ~

3 Shirahama viewing platform (Shirahama Kaichu Observatory Deck)

Ride to the coast for ocean views both above and below the water. The observation platform at the end of a short pier offers fantastic views across the ocean as far as the horizon. Head down the stairs and peek through the portholes to see what lies beneath the waves.

1 km ~

4 Olive & Gelato

Drop by this quaint store for some locally made gelato. Serving both traditional and more imaginative flavours, take your gelato out onto the terrace and enjoy views of the ocean. Purchase some of the locally produced olive oil and bring the taste of Shirahama home with you.

300 m ~

5 Sandanbeki / Senjojiki

Just a few hundred meters from Olive & Gelato are the Sandanbeki cliffs and caves. Watch the waves crash against the steep, craggy cliffs and take the elevator down to explore the caverns below. Ride one kilometre up the coast to Senjojiki—a naturally formed rock plateau stretching out to sea.

2.5 km ~

6 Mifune foot bath

Dip your feet in the natural hot spring water at the Mifune foot bath. Sit under the wooden shelter and look across the ocean to Engetsuto Island.

1 km ~

7 Engetsuto Island

Continue riding up the coastal path as it curves around the bay. Time your visit for sunset, and watch as the sun drops into the natural arch in the rock of Engetsuto Island. Expect a small crowd taking photographs of this beautiful scene.


8 Rinkai

If you arrive in the area before sunset, explore the Rinkai area. Route 34 hugs the coast around Tanabe Bay offering great views of the ocean as you ride.

1 km ~

9 Pescatore (Italian restaurant)

Pescatore serves authentic Italian cuisine in a fantastic setting overlooking the ocean. Reservations are highly recommended. Ask for a table on the terrace when booking. Be aware that in Japanese law, there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding drinking alcohol and driving—including riding bicycles. Consider returning your rental bike before enjoying your evening meal.


10 Shirahama Onsen

The history of Shirahama Onsen stretches back 1,300 years. Many of the hot springs are ocean facing, meaning fantastic views while you relax in the baths. Consider staying in the area and exploring some of the many hot springs, including the famous Sakino-yu bath—a rocky, outdoor pool where bathers can feel the spray of the sea.


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