Spend a leisurely three days touring sites in Wakayama Prefecture like the Kumano Kodo (a World Heritage Site), Kumano’s three famous shrines, Shirahama Onsen, and many more wonderful places, with this free bus pass. The Wakayama Kumano Pass goes on sale from November 1, 2015.
Use the Wakayama Kumano Pass for unlimited rides, with no need to purchase tickets each time. Save time and money as you board many different buses. Enjoy the convenience of easy travel.


Sales Counters
JR Ticket Offices (Midori-no-madoguchi) in the stations in Wakayama Prefecture of JR-WEST (Wakayama, Kii, Musota, Iwade, Hashimoto, Kimiidera, Kainan, Minoshima, Fujinami, Yuasa, Gobo, Minabe, Kii-Tanabe, Shirahama, Kushimoto, Kii-Katsuura and Shingu Stations)
8,500 yen (Including tax) *There is no child price.
Validity period
3 consecutive days from the starting date of its use
Period of Sales
From November 1, 2015 to September 28, 2016
Purchase Conditions
Only customers with a special pass issued by JR (“Kansai WIDE Area Pass”, etc. ) that is within its period of validity may purchase the “WAKAYMA KUMANO PASS.” When you purchase this pass, you will need to set a date on which you will start using it that is within the period of validity of the special pass you already have.

Transportation facilities which can be used

Transportation facilities which cannot be used

  • 1.Engetsuto Island
  • 2.Shirarahama Beach
  • 3.Shirahama Onsen
  • 4.Kumano Kodo
  • 5.Kumano Hongu TaishaGrand Shrine
  • 6.Kumano Hayatama TaishaGrand Shrine
  • 7.Daimon-zaka Slope
  • 8.Nachi Waterfall
  • 9.Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine
  • 10.Hashigui-iwa Rocks


  • 1) The “WAKAYAMA KUMANO PASS” can only be used by the person whose name is on it.
  • 2) The pass is only valid if the special ticket is attached to it. The pass will be invalid if you peel off this sticker.
  • 3) Please show the “WAKAYAMA KUMANO PASS” to the driver so that he/she can see the period of validity when riding a bus.
  • 4) Please always carry your passport with you when using the pass and show it when requested to do so by a member of staff.
  • 5)It is possible to freely get on and off buses on the following routes during the period of validity of the pass. If you ride a bus on segments not listed here, you will need to pay a separate fare.
    • ・Meiko Bus (All routes in Shirahama Onsen; Shirahama Tanabe Route; Kumano Route: Kii-Tanabe – Kurisugawa; and Express Kumano Kodo Bus: Shirahama Airport – Kii-Tanabe – Kurisugawa – Hongu Taisha-mae – Shingu)
    • ・Kumano Kotsu (Kawatake Route: Shingu – Kanmaru – Shiko – Hongu Taisha-mae – Michi-no-Eki OkuKumano; Koguchi Route: Shingu – Kanmaru – Koguchi; Nachisan Route: Katsuura – Nachisan; and Shinkatsu Route: Shingu – Katsuura)
    • ・Ryujin Bus (Kumano Hongu Route: Kii-Tanabe – Kurisugawa – Hongu Taisha-mae – Hosshinmon-oji)
    • ・Nara Kotsu (Shingu – Kanmaru – Shiko – Hongu Taisha-mae – Michi-no-Eki OkuKumano)
  • 6)It is not possible to use the “WAKAYAMA KUMANO PASS” on JR lines.
  • 7)It will not be possible to re-issue your pass if you lose it (this includes if it is stolen).
  • 8)We will not offer a refund, extend the usage period of the pass or transfer you by alternative means of transportation even if the route you intend to use is not available due to bad weather or other circumstances.
  • 9)In the event you wish to change the day of use of your pass, we will do this free of charge at sales points one time only if you make such a request by the day before the day on which your pass starts.
  • 10)In the event you would like a refund, we will refund the cost of your pass less a 220 yen handling fee at sales points only if you make such a request by the day before the day on which your pass starts.
  • 11) The handling in transportation and other details will be according to the conditions of carriage on the transportation facility you use.