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After a day exploring Wakayama’s spiritual mountains, old port towns and beautiful beaches, head to the prefecture’s best eateries and bars to experience the other side of Wakayama local culture. Barhop in narrow backstreets, taste the very freshest tuna, enjoy dinner with an ocean view, and experience authentic Japanese dining. With most restaurants and bars serving cuisine that is local, fresh and seasonal, you will find the nightlife in Wakayama a refreshing and nourishing experience.

Wakayama City

Wakayama City is the place to go to taste authentic Wakayama ramen noodles. Each shop owner prides themselves on their original broth, offering ramen lovers something new with each slurp. Not just limited to noodles, you can find the best of Wakayama cuisine in the city's many restaurants and bars

Tanabe City

The entertainment district of Ajikoji is conveniently located in front of JR Kii-Tanabe Station. This relatively small area is jam-packed with restaurants and bars offering you an authentic, Japanese barhopping experience. Order what’s local, drink what’s recommended, and make instant friends in this lively and vibrant area.


The beach resort town of Shirahama offers some seriously good cuisine. Choose from traditional Japanese bars and restaurants to modern European bistros. Local fish, crisp sake, and authentic Italian pizza and pasta are all on offer, with many establishments offering tables facing the ocean.


Shingu has a wide range of eating and drinking spots, ideal for visitors looking to unwind after a day discovering the spiritual highlights of the area. With many traditional Japanese izakaya offering broad menus of local specialties and extensive sake lists, Shingu is the place to be spiritually fulfilled.

Nachi Katsuura

This town of tuna is a haven for all lovers of fresh maguro. Experience a taste of this local speciality in one of the many restaurants who source their tuna from the local market. Order a mouthwatering, mouthful of ultra-fresh sashimi or sushi, or order it grilled, pickled, or minced.


A trip to the spiritual heartland of Koyasan wouldn’t be complete without tasting Shojin-ryori—vegetarian Buddhist cuisine cooked in sync with the seasons and the senses. Visitors to the area are not limited to vegetarian dishes, however, as there are a number of eateries serving sushi, sashimi, and yakitori grilled chicken.