Koyasan and Kumano Sanzan Discovery by Bus

Your exploration of the ancient Buddhist complex of Koyasan and the Kumano Sanzan—the grand shrines of the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route—just got much easier. Unlimited ride bus passes connecting the Koyasan area and the Kumano Sanzan are now available. allowing for stress-free and smooth travel between the world heritage sites giving you more time to focus on heightening your spiritual state.

Daily between April 1 and November 30, 2019
* Pass not available for use on June 9th

Koyasan Station to Hongu Taishamae
Daily Weekends & Holidays
Koyasan Station 9:45 14:15
Gomadanzan (transfer) 11:05 15:35
Ryujin Onsen 12:23 16:13
Hongu Taishamae 14:22 18:12
Hongu Taishamae to Koyasan Station
Daily Weekends & Holidays
Hongu Taishamae 8:05 12:40
Kumanokodo Nakahechi
Museum of Art (transfer)
09:10 13:45
Ryujin Onsen 10:11 14:46
Koyasan Station 12:10 16:40


Daily between April 1 and November 30, 2019


Koyasan Station to Hongu Taishamae
Adults ¥5,000/Children ¥2,500

Koyasan Station to Ryujin Onsen
Adults ¥2,900/Children ¥1,450

Ryujin Onsen to Hongu Taishamae
Adults ¥2,500/Children ¥1,250

Make use of the Kumano Kotsu Bus Pass for three-day unlimited bus rides between the spots marked on the map. This convenient pass provides a smooth travel option between the spiritual sites of significance.

Be aware that purchase of this pass is only available for Koyasan&Kumano Access Bus ticket holders.


Daily between April 1 and November 30, 2018


Adults ¥3,000/Children ¥1,500


Koyasan Nankai Rinkai Bus Office [Google Map]
Kumano Kotsu Kii-Katsuura Station Ticket Office [Google Map]
Kumano Kotsu Shingu Station Ticket Office [Google Map]


Hongu Taisha-mae to Shingu Station
Shingu to Kii-Katsuura Station
Kii-Katsuura Station to Nachisan Area